Learning a language and what else it taught me.

You ever have a moment where something truly clicks for you, and the wave of excitement goes through your body? Or when you finally do something with confidence, and you feel even more excited to get better at whatever skill it was? These are the feelings I learned when I picked up Japanese in high school. For four years of school I characterize as overwhelmingly uninteresting, foreign languages was something I discovered that completely changed how I looked at studying, learning, and putting effort into my education.

When I began to think about topics for my blog, it was hard for me to think about something which I say I’ve had a personal experience with. Something unique in some way to share my stories about. But my time learning languages has not only included some of my most memorable moments but also taught me a lot more than just language skills. It’s something I had enough passion for and something I felt I could give an original dialogue on.

I look forward to seeing all the possible ways I can show what I’ve learned throughout this semester. Gathering materials will be enjoyable, be it visual representation with photos, or audio be it spoken dialogue or perhaps even an interview with one of the many language professors at WSU. Videos will also be a lot of fun to make and share.

The projects throughout the class are going to help me, not only by teaching me valuable skills with content creation but also by encouraging me to put all of these thoughts I have into words. Putting thoughts into words has always helped me compile them better, understand them a lot more than before. I might make a poster for some sort of language event in Photoshop, design visual guides in illustrator, and maybe even create some narrative about languages in Audition. All of these will help me put the experiences in my head into a more physical form.




This was a site that I first learned about when I was initially learning Japanese. It’s use of narrative to help with learning a language is really interesting, and while I can’t do something of such a big scale, I think it’s interesting to at least examine further.


This YouTube channel works not only on language pointers and other small things, but they also talk a lot about the cultural impacts and differences which I also find very interesting.


Tae Kim is a fairly well-known writer whose online grammar guide is seen as being helpful due to its simplicity and how easy it is to follow. While this blog is not meant to be a grammar guide, I think his blog and other social media (as well as some posts in the grammar guide) really show a creative way to think about languages and how they function. I’d love to be able to touch on unique ways I’ve looked at the language in a similar way.


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