Rough Draft: The Thompson Scholarship


I realized after submitting my sketch design to the class that I don’t think I can make a logo based on my original concept because it may or may not go against Copyright. As such, I took the general shape of the design and reworked it into something that in the end came out more relevant than my original topic anyways. The subject for my assignment is the Thompson Education Abroad scholarship available here at WSU. This scholarship is available to students studying abroad, which is important because many people find study abroad appealing but feel it’d be too expensive, and immersing yourself in the culture is easily one of the best ways to pick up a language.
The scholarship is all about foreign travel, which is why I decided to focus on travel for my design. Using a plane flying across the world, I was able to keep the design’s geometry down to mostly circles, while invoking the message of global travel. Additionally, since I was using such a familiar image of a planet, the graphic can be scaled down, and even with the little room, the idea of the earth is recognizable.
While I wound up using globe imagery for two projects now, I feel like it was an appropriate image for what this scholarship is. I did all the elements of the design, so I didn’t have to invest any time into looking for materials. I wanted the design to remain focused on a few major circles, so I started my design process by making a few circles of varying sizes. For the earth’s landmasses, I used the pencil tools to make some general shapes and used the divide function to make them line up with the smallest circle. For the plane, I hand designed it via the pen tool, but I’m unhappy with that result and may go and create another one geometrically later. Finally, I used the Text along a Path tool to get the circular Thompson text. The text was then copied and turned into an outline, which I used the Offset Path effect to turn into a white outline to prevent the planet from making the text hard to read. Finally, using one more circle I creating the ring around which shows the plane’s path, and used the scissor tool to cut off the bottom near the beginning of the text.
Easily the most convoluted issue encountered was involving the curved text. Because the path was along a circle, the text kept coming upside down due to its position on the path. For anyone else encountering this problem, use the select tool and pay attention to the three lines coming from your circle’s path. Dragging those to the inside of the circle and altering it’s position slightly should fix the issue.


5 thoughts on “Rough Draft: The Thompson Scholarship

  1. Hi Chase, I like your design overall, it gets your main idea across very well and is easy to understand, so it is hard to say to change anything when your logo already serves its purpose very well. But, if I had to make any changes to the design I would say it’s just a little bit boring, maybe spice it up with a more interesting font, but obviously one that is still very readable. Or I think it would look really cool if you put it on some kind of color gradient similar to the tutorial that we did that was a circle shape like the one you have here. Just some thoughts to consider when taking a second look at your logo!


  2. Looking back, I definitely enjoy seeing the feedback I’d gotten. The most useful tip I’d seen was suggesting a gradient shade the planet, which I agree with entirely. I notice now just how flat a lot of the colors feel. The other tip I took note of was using more interesting text, which I know I have trouble with because during the last project I’d received very similar comments. Many fonts seem too difficult to read at small sizes, so I usually end up choosing very bland fonts. I’ll definitely try and see if I can find any fonts that work better with the image. The other major thing I’ve noticed looking back at the project is just how weak the airplane’s design is compared to the rest of the image. I’ll most likely end up scrapping that design, and make a new plane using geometry instead of designing one with the pen tool.


  3. Hey! Your design is really cool and it looks really good for a first draft. I like the stylized version of the globe and how you created that from scratch. Your design very clearly represents your overall blog topic and the logo is very effective in representing the scholarship that you’re advertising. The different elements in your design all have a specific purpose and that’s really important in any design. I agree with you that the globe is very recognizable and is thus a good element for scalability. I also see what you mean with the plane, and I think it would be worthwhile to experiment with other shapes but I also like it how it is now! I really like path that the airplane leaves around the earth too. Overall, I wouldn’t change much as your rough draft is really well done!


  4. Hello chase! overall your idea is very well and it really gets your point across and your description really describes what you are trying to portray. I wouldn’t really worry about changing to much this overall really well, if you did have to change anything i would say maybe a different font to add a little touch, but obviously readable. Overall good job!


  5. I think you’ve really got a solid start on your design. I love how you use a variety of colors and don’t just keep it black and white. I think this addition really helps make the design pop and stand out from other bland logos. There are just a few adjustments that might help to make your design even better. First of all, I think you might want to try and recreate the earth to make it resemble the actual continents a little better. I understand it’s not suppose to look perfect but that might help to make it look a little bit more professional. Also, I think it would help to change up the bottom text and give it a little more character. Whether that be simply changing the font or adding a little more to your design, I think that would really help.


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