Storyboard and Raw Footage


Visual Elements Audio Elements
0:00-0:20  Establishing shots of Thompson Hall, basic internal shots. Picture of the building during or right after construction once we begin to talk about the history of the building. J-Cut of introductory explanation of Thompson Hall narration. In the explanation, explains that it is the main language learning building for the school. Background audio begins to fade in after the video comes in
0:21-0:25  Recording of Japanese class beginning. Background music fades out before the beginning of the clip. Audio of class recording.
0:25-0:35  Internal shots are cut in but are out of focus or frosted over, text begins to explain the various language courses, minors, and majors available at the school. New background music trackAudio narration explaining the classes, majors and minors available at WSU. (Include a few example languages as well as film and culture studies)
0:35-1:00  Lots of cuts in this shot. The audio is discussing various resources available to language student, the video cuts to examples of all of these (The LLRC, Printing, tutoring, and conversational classes) The Audio here is more narration that explains the various resources available to language students. Discuss the various benefits from free tutoring and extra conversation classes, to the computer lab and free printing.
1:00-1:25 Cuts involving a lot of people studying or socializing over languages. If I end up getting permission to film a whole class (still waiting on a response) then this is where a lot of the best footage would go. State some of the appealing elements to the classes, such as the ability to learn from native speakers, socialize in these environments, and learn valuable life skills.
1:25-1:50 Conclusion, while the closing narration wraps up with more footage of the building or classes, put contact information on the screen. Narration including contact information and how to learn more.
1:50-2:00 Once ending narration ends, fate to white, place credits and any ending messages. A simple “thanks for watching” before fading out the voice and increasing the volume of the background music before it fades out too.



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