Premiere Rough Draft

For my rough draft, I decided to go with an informative video on the Thompson Hall and the Foreign Language and Cultures department. The Thompson building has become somewhat of a second home ever since I began classes, and I when I considered my topic this seemed to fit somewhat naturally.

I was inspired by all of the introduction videos you usually see on a websites homepage. They tend to act like a longer commercial that is focused on explaining the product more than selling it. After that, I started researching the history of the department and buildings. Luckily there is an entire webpage dedicated to the story and history of WSU and can be searched by the building.

Then, I began to collect footage using a camera and tripod I had rented from the Academic Media center here on campus. I began with various establishing shots of the outside of Thompson, making sure I got long footage following the 10 second rule along with some panning shots. I then did the same for the Department’s office, the LLRC, and the halls of Thompson. I then got into contact with my teachers, and established a time where I could film my class, and received my classmate’s permission to use footage of them in class. Everyone who wasn’t okay with being in the video sat in an area of the class which wasn’t in the shot.

When editing, I tried to only using transition effects when the cuts felt particularly choppy, and tried to transition similar shots (such as the two shots of computer monitors) into each other with effects so that it would seem like an appropriate shot. Easily the biggest thing I learned about adobe was Subsequences which is basically a smaller Premiere sequence inside a sequence which can be made. This was critical for moments like the blurred out text section. I wrote the script first, and then set up my video according to it. Because of this, a lot of my cuts were made to line up with parts of my narration. For these cuts, I used the razor tool a lot. This worked exactly like the same tool in Audition, so it was what was most familiar for me.

My process from beginning to end was fairly makeshift. I began with a rough storyboard, and then filmed clips according to the storyboard. I then wrote a script for narration based on the shots I had and the storyboard. From there, I imported all the folders and arranged cut versions of the clips in alignment with the narration. I applied effects, particularly on the areas with subsequences and then found a music track last. The biggest technological challenge outside of what was fixed by subsequences was simply that the computer I was using lacked the processing power to export my video, which was fixed by using a higher end computer.

The only outside materials I used was a song called Sweet Promise by Nicolai Heidlas, which I found by searching for Creative Commons songs on sound cloud:


3 thoughts on “Premiere Rough Draft

  1. 1I really enjoyed your approach to the video and the many different shots you got of the building. It was extremely informative and honestly taught me tons of things that I didn’t know at all. I like how you got actual footage of classrooms and with actual people instead of just empty classrooms. I think you should slow down your audio because in the beginning the voice over is clear but in the middle it starts to get a little jumbled and hard to understand. I also would say maybe interview a student that takes a foreign language lecture and get some insight on the building so it could add some more footage rather than just footage of the building itself. I would also say to speak a little louder because at some parts the music is louder than your narrative audio and it’s a little conflicting. Overall I really enjoyed your video and am looking forward to the changes you make!


  2. Looking at the feedback, I definitely have to consider redoing my narration. The recording was unfortunately done in a public space on short notice, but I am going to try and see how I can improve on it without having to re-recording it entirely. I’ll work on mixing the music better, and will consider interviewing a student if such an opportunity arises. It seems like the class recordings are positively received, so I would like to utilize it a little more prominently, however I only have one or two angles per class, so it becomes hard to use it repeatedly without the shots seeming Samey. I’ll most likely try to replace a lot of shots of the building with something more interesting or relevant to the project. I definitely think I know what I need to work on, and what my plan of action towards my final draft is now.


  3. Overall, your video is very well put together. You use many different angles and pieces of footage that give the viewer a great illustration of your main idea of the video. Your narration is very informative giving the viewer a good look at the point you are trying to get across. One thing I would suggest adding to your video is possibly adding footage that scrolls rather than just a still video. This will allow the viewer to see a broader outlook of the different parts of the video. Another addition you might think to add is introduction and conclusion transitions. Adding these will make a smoother transition into and out of the video story. All in all, your video is well put together and I think there are only minor changes you need to make to your final draft. Your audio is at a perfect volume so that it doesn’t drown out the narration but you can still hear it.


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