As someone who had always messed around with things like Photoshop, Audition, and Premiere before beginning this class, it was fun to get to learn about these programs that I loved in a professional and academic sense. My favorite project was most likely the Premiere project because it seemed like a culmination of all the other skills we had learned before, making use of images, audio, and video. I feel like it was a good example of how all the things we learned in the class came together. Each smaller project, like making a poster or audio clip, was all rewarding, but they felt like they were limited in scale. However, when all of those skills were combined it felt vast, and I know I could’ve made the video much longer just because with all the different mediums that were used, ideas seemed to flow infinitely.

The biggest skills I learned were probably design properties for things like shots, as well as how to collect raw footage. I don’t plan on taking a career path in content creation, but I do see myself using the basic techniques for media I collect in my day to day life. One thing I believe could be influential is the techniques about recording clean audio, but I’m unsure if it would ever truly come into play. I wish I had learned more about making a video aesthetically pleasing, such as color correction. However, I understand that the project was mainly to do with simple composition.

One of the biggest alternative resources I found was the Adobe forum. While some sections are locked behind needing an Adobe account which I’m fortunate enough to have, any strange question that the reading didn’t explain, and especially with odd errors I didn’t know how to resolve were often resolved with thanks to the forum. One especially useful time involved me having a corrupted rough draft which the forum assisted me in repairing over several hours.

The skills learned here are applicable both in your personal life and passion projects as well as being a marketable skill in many career paths. I think that while I may not see myself using it professionally, I do see myself using not only the skills that I’ve learned with content creation but the design tenants that we also learned. I know more about taking photos and filming audio, and even if I don’t have to produce any professionally, I know that I will at least in my personal life. Even just being able to effortlessly make my personal media higher quality is an important skill which this class provided me.


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